Back to school supplies

Do you have little ones heading back to school or perhaps you are about to commence your own educational adventure?

Whatever your stationery and school supplies requirements, Red Dot has you covered with an abundance of stationery supplies on offer at great prices.

Why shop at expensive stores when you can pick up everything you need in your local Perth discount store?

Many of these items will need to be replaced as children misplace them or wear them out, so don’t make the mistake of breaking the bank – simply pop in store and start checking off your list.

What’s more, it’s a one stop shop for everything you will need for going back to school.

Why not start with our tailored Back to School checklist which will help to make the task that little bit easier.

  • Budget bargains – firstly we have launched an extensive range of $1 dollar items, so if it’s value you’re after look now further than here where you can pick up the majority of basic items such as pens, glue, erasers, highlighters and scissors.
  • Desktop essentials – depending on the age of the student, there are certain desktop items you will need to invest in. It’s always good to have a stapler to hand as well as a desktop pencil sharpener, school glue, and a variety of notebooks to hand.
  • Mega Maths – every Maths student will need a calculator and we recommend this one which is a steal at just $4.
  • Art attack – there’s nothing like heading back to school with a fresh set of art supplies. This pack is a great option as it includes a sturdy storage tin, but if you need something more portable, we recommend this set. There is also a great selection of crayons and markers on offer.
  • Storage solutions – it’s important to keep all those newly purchased stationery supplies well organised so don’t forget to pick up essentials like a pencil case, document wallets and folders.
  • Teacher tools – it’s not just the students who might need a few new supplies as they return to school, we have plenty of options for teachers also such as these whiteboard markers and Stuk Tack.
  • Food, glorious food! – Don’t forget to freshen up lunchtimes with a new lunchbox, which come in a variety of colours for just $2 or a new water bottle for just $8. These glittery ones will brighten up any school day.