Create the Perfect Halloween Party with Red Dot

The spooky season is upon us! What better excuse to throw a party than the chance to dress up as your favourite character and decorate your home with some scary delights?

Putting on an amazing Halloween get together has never been easier or more affordable. Red Dot is your one-stop shop for all your Halloween party needs.

Give your guests a fright with these awesome Halloween decorations!

Red Dot has an incredibly wide range of Halloween themed decorations to create the perfect atmosphere for your party. Check out the decorations linked below for some inspiration:

Also, add a whole new dimension to the spookiness with Red Dot’s Halloween Sound Machine, with nine creepy sounds to create a jump scare.

Take it to the next level, with these life-size animated outdoor decorations


The devil is in the details – even your lollies can be Halloween themed!

Create the ultimate Halloween experience for your party guests and make EVERYTHING Halloween themed – from the table clothes to the candy bowls to the lollies…

We also have a full range of disposable napkins, cups, plates and cutlery for your party set up.

Costumes = Covered!

Red Dot has a wide range of Halloween costumes for both children and adults.

We have something for everyone, from these cute, kids costumes to the creepy adult clown costume. Come into the store and check out which ones will suit you best!

Start preparing for Halloween today, and come visit us in-store! We are fully stocked with fantastic decorations, costumes, treats and more.

Hurry into Red Dot before it’s too late! Find your closest Red Dot store using our Red Dot Store Locator.