Creating an Awesome Office Space for Kids These Holidays

School holidays are almost here and this is the perfect time to think about creating an awesome office space for the kids.

A new supply of textas, crayons, staplers and other office bits and pieces will be sure to keep the kids occupied over the winter break – and may even allow you fifteen minutes to put your feet up!

Red Dot have a brilliant range of office supplies, all at very reasonable prices – you could even give the kids $10 each and see what they come home with. $10 goes a long way at Red Dot!

You may not have a huge amount of space available to set up a permanent office space, so for the short term, consider storage.

Pen pots, an in-and-out tray and a waste paper bin immediately create that officey feel, and will have kids writing lists to keep busy before you know it. And of course, you can’t forget the pencil sharpener! That will keep the kids busy for ages!

A small filing cabinet or a smaller, desktop filing system is a nice touch and if your desk doesn’t have drawers, choose some great boxes with lids, baskets or bowls for chucking things like post-it notes and receipts in.

Indoor plants are also a nice way to give your space some life and if music keeps you focused, get yourself a radio or neat wireless speaker – we have all these items at Red Dot, so pop into our store and set yourself up these holidays.