Get your home ready for Halloween on a budget

Red Dot has lollies and costumes sorted but it also has arts and craft supplies perfect for Halloween decorating your house! We love these festive and spooky decoration ideas:


Ghost Lights

Perfect to hang over your front door or porch all you’ll need is lantern lights, white cotton fabric, white string, scissors and a black texta!

Get in the Halloween spirit by sprucing up your mantel or porch. You'll need a strand of lantern lights, two yards of white cotton fabric, white string, scissors, and a black Sharpie. Get the tutorial at Design Dining and Diapers.



These spiders can be made from paper or foam cups. Make a friendly or scary version!

You will need:
paper or foam cups
Acrylic paint: black, white, orange, green, red, purple
Wiggly eyes
Red and green markers
White paint pen
black and multi-coloured pipe cleaners


Paint cup in black or orange and let dry.

Cut the pipe cleaners in half and bend about 1/3 of the way down.

For the black spider’s eyes, dip the round applicator in white paint and gently press and turn on the front of the cup.


Glue wiggle eyes onto the white eyes. Use a white paint pen to add a line for a mouth. Use a toothpick dipped in red paint to ad eyebrows, nostrils and fangs.

You may wish to add spots or stripes to your spider in different coloured paints.

To add the legs, poke the shorter end of the bent pipe cleaner into the cup. Repeat so that there are 4 legs on each side. Bend the bottom of the long end of the pipe cleaner to form a foot.





Create a trick or treat tray!

Red cordial for “blood juice”, lollies and decorate with spiders and eyeballs

Get ready to have the spookiest house on the street!



You don’t need to decorate your whole house if you’re time poor but it’s a great idea to decorate the front porch as this is what trick or treaters will see!  

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