It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

Winter’s almost over and we’re looking forward to warmer, longer days. Time to prepare for that major annual event – Spring Cleaning!

It’s also a fantastic opportunity to de-clutter the accumulated “stuff” of the last year (or years!) and think about your shelving, storage and container needs.

Some people relish the prospect of the annual spring clean. Others sigh at the thought of another major chore added to an already-long list. Success, just like any big project, requires a methodical approach. Here’s three recommendations to help you survive the process!

First and foremost, make sure you have the right tools for the job. Whether it’s mops, brushes or brooms, dusters or cleaning supplies, if you want the job done as quickly as possible (and we’re sure you do!) then your local Red Dot store has everything you need.

Secondly, be ruthless when it comes to de-cluttering. Put everything in your house to this simple test: “Do I use it? Do I love it?”. If you can’t say a clear “Yes!” to one of these questions, then those ancient shoes or that Madonna dress you only wore once—to a party in 1994—have got to go!

Our third recommendation is—don’t miss the opportunity to donate or sell unwanted items. Believe it or not, somebody out there could be searching for that exact Madonna dress! If your items are in reasonable shape, head down to the local op shop – they’re always on the look out for decent items. Alternatively, try selling the unwanted items online. Sites like eBay and Gumtree are your friend, and could be the source of welcome extra cash!

Red Dot proudly supports the noble tradition of Spring Cleaning. Come and check out our range – we have everything you need!