It’s winter – is your best friend feeling the cold?

It’s the time of year when we reach for a sweater, or head to the cupboard for that extra blanket. If you’re worried your pet is also feeling the chill, head to your local Red Dot store and check out our range of pet care products that you and your pets will love.

Maybe a jacket for your dog? First, do your homework. Make sure a jacket is suitable for your particular breed of dog. A quick internet search will lead you to a wealth of valuable tips and advice on all aspects of pet care. Your homework done, have a look at the Red Dot range of dog jackets. From small dogs to speedy dogs, from spotty dogs to sausage dogs, we have your best friend well and truly covered!

A cosy, comfortable place to sleep is another way to help your beloved pooch or cat through the colder months. A well-chosen bed will become their favourite place – their own domain where they go not only to sleep, but also for some simple downtime. Yes, pets also need “me” time! Consider your pet’s general health, size and age to help decide what type of bed they need, then drop in for a look at the Red Dot range. To see just a couple of examples, check out this fleece bed and this denim one.

Red Dot also has a huge range of cat and dog food and general pet gear. Want to spoil them with some new cat or dog toys? Keep them happily busy for hours with a tease or a treehouse for your cat, a chew toy or a (seriously cool!) bazooka ball launcher for your dog.

Drop in to Red Dot for all your pet care needs.