Keep Your Garden Looking Fantastic!

Spring is right around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about doing some odd jobs outside, planting or transplanting, or just generally sprucing up your garden. Maybe you need a gift for someone who thrives outdoors. Maybe you’re just starting to learn about gardening and need basic supplies Regardless of the reason, Red Dot is the place to be for all your gardening and outdoor needs.

Not only does Red Dot keep you well-stocked with basic outdoor needs throughout the year, you’ll be impressed with our seasonal range of offers. If you need an everyday pot or basket, you’ll find it at Red Dot. Do you want a new waterproof picnic rug, garden stakes, or solar lighting? We have all of that – and more.

Sometimes, you want a grass look on your balcony or rooftop garden, but difficult, or just impossible, to grow natural grass in the area. Plus, this 1MX3M grass matting requires little maintenance, allowing you to enjoy the look of lovely green grass year-round. Find them at your nearest store for only $39.99.

Where is the best place for a beautiful planter? Red Dot, of course! For only $8.00, a perfectly-sized 30.5 cm ribbed planter is the perfect choice for replanting those flowers that have outgrown their old pots. The popular ribbed design offers a little something extra to the amazing value.

Everyone needs a little extra lighting – whether for those outdoor parties or for additional outdoor security. With both style and function, the stainless steel solar lights really set the right mood in your garden. If you prefer another option, we have a wide selection of other types of solar lights, sure to meet your needs.

Are you ready to get out the grill? We have a wide selection of Beefy Boy products, including spatulas, BBQ liners, brushes, and more. Maybe you’re in the mood for a beach trip. With beach mats, picnic baskets, and more, Red Dot has everything you need.

Whether you need items for a planting project, insect control, or anything else for the outdoors, you can find it at Red Dot. Be sure to browse the Garden & Outdoor products on the website or walk into one of our many convenient stores throughout Western Australia to find whatever you may need. As always, Red Dot offers a wide selection, the best prices for the best value, and the excellent service you’ve come to expect.