Mother’s Day gifts that every mum will love

Stuck for gift ideas for mum this Mother’s Day? We’ve compiled some ideas that every type of mum is sure to love and appreciate. And if you’ve accidently left it to the last minute, we’ve also got the perfect solutions for you.

For the active mum

If your mum has been talking about getting started on some exercise for a while but hasn’t quite got to the gym yet, why not get her some equipment for the house instead?

Vibration platforms are becoming increasingly popular as at-home exercise devices due to their inconspicuous size and ease of use for just about anybody. They can easily slide under the bed for storage, and your mum will receive a work out that uses the whole body in as little as 15 minutes per day.

For the mum that needs to relax

We all know mums need plenty of sleep to rejuvenate after busy days. Ensure your mum gets the best possible sleep with a high-quality pillow. A bamboo pillow is made of soft material and memory foam, supporting the head and neck to minimise morning aches and pains.

Bamboo is also naturally hypoallergenic, meaning less irritation for mum. Bamboo materials are also breathable, making them great at repelling bacteria, fungus, and moisture.

Otherwise you can also pick up candles, pretty homewares, and incense and fragrance oils to help mum relax too.

For the busy mum

Why not give mum a gift that will save her time and banish bad hair days in the process? A De Novo Hair Straightening Brush will make mum’s beauty routine a whole lot easier and less time consuming, whilst smoothing and straightening her hair. A straightening brush can minimise the heat that is applied to the hair to receive a straight look, meaning less damage and more time between cuts.

Something every mum will love

And if you’re really stuck for ideas, why not grab a bunch of your mums favourite products and pop them in a hamper or gift bag? Mums love chocolates, photo frames, nail polish, body lotions, body washes, make up and cosmetics, perfumes and scent gift sets. A combination of these is perfect and sure to impress.

For all of your Mother’s Day gift ideas, head into your local Red Dot store today!