Pantry and Fridge Storage Solutions for your Home

It’s the eternal battle – finding enough space to store all the things we seem to accumulate in the busy lives of today’s families. And let’s face it, the kitchen usually poses the biggest challenge of all.

But don’t despair! When it comes to kitchen storage solutions in Perth WA, Red Dot is here to help with a fantastic range of smart, practical and low-cost ideas. We believe it all comes down to good organisation and simple solutions. Here we look at a few ways we can help you get the most out of that precious pantry and fridge space.

Drop into your local Red Dot store today to check out our marvellous range of cliptop jars. With an airtight clip-lock lid and durable quality glass design, these jars are perfect for food storage. While you’re in store, don’t forget our range of glass conserve jars. With their gold air-tight screw top lid to retain freshness, these are ideal for food preservation.

It’s also always a good idea to have a supply of disposable food containers on hand. Red Dot carries a wide range in various sizes, all at the low prices you’ve come to expect, such as these 300 ml disposable containers at just $2.50 for a set of 8.

When it comes to storing liquids in the fridge, look no further than our range of 2.2 litre juice jugs. These come in a range of colours and competitively priced at only $3. And to keep those drinks cool, look no further than our ice cube tray 2 packs.

For all of these great ideas – and so many more – head into your local Red Dot store today to see how our exciting product range can help you maximise the space in your kitchen.