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Gonkies Asst 17-22cm

SKU: 223072


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These loveable and adorable Gonkies come from the far away magical wonderland of Gonksville. Each Gonkie has its own little story to tell and will be your friend for life.
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Assorted designs may vary from store to store.
  • Lucky Paddy loves to sing and play, bringing good luck to you every day.
  • Charlie the Chef  With a sprinkle of love and a spoonful of laughter and two cups of hugs we'll be buddies forever after.
  • Thunderbolt will be with you no matter the weather. He will chase the clouds and be your best friend forever.
  • Friends Forever  You and me. Wherever we are together we will be.
  • Coral Reef  So colourful and calm. You'll sure to be captured by her beautiful charm.
  • Best Buddies we are, you can depend. Whether close or far we'll always be friends.
  • Rania Rainbow lights up the sky. She brings colour and hope from up so high.
  • Dancing Daisy  Her favourite move is the twirl. She just loves to dance and you are her favourite girl!
  • Fiona Flower Heart is always here to show how special you are as our friendship grows
  • Buzz the Bee hops from flower to flower. Making honey for us is his magical power.
  • Drago the Dragon breathes fires and smoke. Looking for a best friend and a great little bloke.
  • Huggy Heart is never in a muddle. Full of love and always up for a cuddle.

*Availability and photos of stock shown are only a representation of styles and sizes which may vary from store to store. While stocks last. Items may not be available in certain stores due to store or item size

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