School Holiday Craft for Kids

The countdown is on until the school holidays are here and your little terrors have hours of free time on their hands.

Why not head down to your local Red Dot store and stock up on craft materials to help keep those little hands out of mischief?

From painting and colouring to creating pom pom master pieces, Red Dot have all your craft needs covered. Whether you’re scrapbooking or just wanting a project to keep the kids busy during the holidays, we have a great range for you. From art canvases, paints, scrapbook stickers and pop-sticks, to kids novelty craft kits, we cater for all your projects, big or small.

Make sure you get the kids to tidy up after themselves, otherwise Santa might not make it down the chimney! Red Dot has a great range of storage options to help make tidying up easier – don’t let the kids grumble too much or Santa might not make an appearance.

And don’t forget, we have dress ups, costume jewellery and hair accessories galore (perfect stocking fillers) to keep the kids occupied over the long summer break. As well as pool accessories and all the latest on-trend play toys, all at bargain basement prices, so get in Red Dot today!