School holidays + Wet weather = KIDS GONE W-I-L-D (and parents going mental)

It’s okay, take a breath, Red Dot can help!

The school holidays are almost here, and we can feel stress levels rising as parents tear out their hair wondering how they can keep their little monkey’s darlings occupied over the mid-term break.

Red Dot has a few ideas to help you cope over the holidays, so read on and enjoy.

Get Physical!

The weather may not be the best, but there are always breaks in the rain, so rug up with a selection of winter gear from Red Dot and get those kids outside! We have a big range of fun outdoor activities to choose from, and kids have unlimited energy, so grab a cricket set, some blowing bubbles or a few hula-hoops and get the kids running around (and remember, the payoff is that it tires them out – yay!).

Get Creative!

Who doesn’t like releasing their inner artist? Creativity comes in many forms, but how about we focus on two very close our kids’ hearts – making beautiful drawings and filling their stomachs. Baking is always fun with the kids (yes, we sell lots of cleaning products, because well, we know how “inventive” kids can be) and cookies and cakes are a great way to keep the little ones entertained. We have lots of fun bakeware to use and bags of lollies for all important decoration.

Painting, drawing, sticking and other crafty activities are colourful and exciting ways for your kids to express themselves – who knows, you may have a little Leonardo da Vinci just waiting to be discovered.

Get all your creative and craft materials online at:

Get Out!

We all need a holiday, especially in the heart of winter. If you can, book a trip. Whether it’s Bali, Broome or a camping trip with the family, leave the stress and mess behind and r-e-l-a-x.

Red Dot has all your needs covered with a fab range of suitcases and travel accessories, find them here:

Whatever you decide to do these holidays, have fun! Run into Red Dot store for all your holiday needs.