Spring Clean! It’s Time to Update Your Bedding for the Sunny Weather

Can you smell the sunshine yet?

Cooler temperatures are almost gone, yippee, which means that a lot of people will start spring cleaning and getting their homes ready for sun and heat.

Nothing feels better than throwing open all the doors and letting the sunshine come pouring in, and nothing says Spring more than freshening up the look of your home with bright colours and new accessories.

Re-make that bed!

While it’s great to go nuts using Red Dot’s fab range of cleaning products to freshen up your surfaces and floors, what about freshening up your bedding? Often overlooked, fresh bedding can dramatically improve your sleep and relaxation. The same bedding year-round can make for hot, uncomfortable summer nights. Red Dot make it easy for you to update you bedroom décor for spring and summer.

Think a lighter, more breathable natural fabrics, like cotton and linen, to keep you cool over the coming summer months.

You may want to switch to a lighter comforter, quilt, or coverlet that keeps less warm air in your bed. Your discount bedding stores in Perth, like Red Dot, have a selection of blankets or duvets that are perfect for summer.

While high thread counts for sheets are ideal for softness and quality, a very high thread count means that the sheet lets less air through, which means that anything under the sheet (you) gets hotter than ever. For summer, choose a finer weave and medium sheet count. Look for sheets between 300-400 thread count, which are smooth and soft but still allow air circulation.

For spring and summer consider:

  • Different colours and patterns to help you stay in more of a summery mood
  • White is cooling in colour therapy, so it’s a classic for spring and summer
  • Pastels such as pink, lighter greens and blues, and yellow are also popular choices
  • For a bolder look, go for turquoise or fuchsia
  • Patterns can make a soft or bold statement
  • Vintage botanical prints bring to mind lazy summer days in the garden
  • Exotic blooms or strong geometrics make you think of a tropical paradise.

No matter the style you prefer, the right bedding, such as the Manchester Collection from Red Dot Stores in Perth, can brighten up your home for summer.

Whether you think of relaxing outside by the pool or a holiday to a lush paradise, falling asleep with the right surroundings and cooler bedding can make spring and summer the most exciting time of the year.

So get into Red Dot today and grab yourself some bargains.