The Smart Way to Shop the Last Days of the Sales Season: The Best Time to Buy Winter Wear is Once Winter is Gone!

Winter is almost over, and that means it’s time to stop thinking about your winter clothes, right?

No – not yet! Next year, your kids will have outgrown their clothes from this year, you know it’s true – eeek, remember how much they grew last summer?

The best time to think about buying winter clothes for next year is now, and guess what?

Red Dot have you covered.

Why Buy Winter Clothes Now?

We’ve got a great range of winter clothing in Perth, currently ON SALE and they’ll stay on sale until they are all gone! This means you can grab yourself some serious bargains for next year, today!

If you want to save money, now is the right time to buy. Check out the range here:

And keep in mind that scarves, beanies and throw rugs are pretty much “one-size-fits-all”