Want to scare your neighbours silly?

If you don’t feel up to carving pumpkins (and value having all your fingers) why not decorate your Halloween pumpkins instead! The only limitation you have is your imagination – get the kids involved and see what they can bring to life.

You can use either lollies or craft supplies to create your pumpkin monster.

Your local Red Dot store has a huge range of lollies and confectionary to help make your creations the scariest on your street. Mix up a little icing sugar with water to use as glue then let them go wild. From Chupa Chups to jubes, Red Dot have all your lolly needs covered, so get in there today and start decorating!

Alternatively, use some of Red Dot’s wide range of craft supplies (pom poms, stickers, glitter and paint) to create a creepy pumpkin monster to sit in your window!

Get into your local Red Dot store today!